Nintendo Switch announced

Nintendo Switch

After several months of intense speculation from everyone in and out of the gaming industry, Nintendo’s new home console the ‘Nintendo Switch’ has finally been unveiled and….. it’s pretty much exactly what we all thought it was. As reported by Eurogamer back in August, the Switch is indeed a console handheld hybrid that gives consumers the ability to play games with current generation home console specs on the go.

The main system, referred to as the “Switch console”, is a tablet with two detachable “Joy-Con” controllers. The controllers can be removed and held independently of the console, either separately in each hand (similarly to a Wii Remote and Nunchuck), attached to a grip to provide a traditional gamepad form factor, as two separate controllers for multiple players, or they can be used whilst attached to the Switch console.

For gamers not interested in a portable experience, Nintendo has you covered with a docking station that can be connected to your standard HD or 4K TV to fully appreciate the newfound graphical fidelity of their next gen console. It is unconfirmed whether or not the docking station will boost performance in any shape or form, but either way the console seems to have specs that are at worst comparable to the Xbox One, thus meaning that it’s more than serviceable for the general market of 2016.

Additionally, Nvidia has confirmed that Switch uses a system-on-chip from its Nvidia Tegra family of products “based on the same architecture as the world’s top-performing GeForce gaming graphics cards”, and a custom API.

Furthermore, the Switch has abandoned the now-seen-as tradition of using optical discs for home consoles in favour of reverting back to cartridges like the NES, SNES and N64. However, these cartridge-like GameCards are more akin to those of the DS and 3DS in design than anything from the 3rd, 4th and 5th console generations.

As for games, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, originally announced as a Wii U exclusive, is being developed for both Wii U and Switch, and prior to the reveal, several third-party titles were confirmed for Switch in 2016, including Just Dance 2017, and Project Sonic 2017. The console’s reveal trailer showcased footage from potential new titles in the Super Mario, Mario Kart, and Splatoon franchises.

More information about the console, including price is expected to be announced soon. But this was just a sneak peek of what the Switch has to offer.

So Gamenologers, what do you think about the Switch?

Sony to terminate PlayStation Store support on Media Go

In an email sent to users today, Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced the discontinuation of PlayStation Store on Media Go:

PlayStation Store and any features which require access to PlayStation Store within the Media Go application will no longer be available after the October update.

If your PSP (PlayStation®Portable) – model PSP-E1000 – does not does not have Wi-Fi you need to download your content no later than 24 October 2016.

For other PSP users this means:
• You will no longer be able to activate or deactivate your PSP using Media Go.
• You will no longer be able to download and install purchased PSP and PlayStation Video content via Media Go.

You can still use the above features by connecting your PSP directly to the network via Wi-Fi.

If you have a PSP-E1000 model make sure to download everything by the cut-off date that is 17 October. PSP 1000, 2000, 3000 and N1000 (Go) owners can use Wi-Fi to download PlayStation Store content as an alternative.

Activating and deactivating your PSP via Media Go will also not work after the cut-off date. Downloading PlayStation Video content will also not be available, however you can continue to stream the video content to your PC.

Users can continue to shop PlayStation Store on their PC by visiting

More information about the termination of PS Store features on Media go can be found at—features/other/media-go-update/

Galaxy Note 7 explodes in Kentucky


Samsung has been having a really huge nightmare with the Galaxy Note 7 phones exploding and causing disaster to people around the world. Even after doing the recall, a third Galaxy Note 7 exploded in Nicholasville, Kentucky. The owner of the phone is Michael Klering.

The owner told WKYT that he woke up at 4:00 AM to find his bedroom filled with smoke and his phone on fire. Later in the day he went to hospital and was treated with acute bronchitis caused by smoke inhalation.

Klering told WKYT that the phone is the replacement, so it was supposed to be safe. He also added that it wasn’t plugged into anything. The phone was owned for little more than a week.

What is disturbing about this is that the phone caught fire on Thursday and Samsung knew about it and didn’t say anything. And worst of all, this text came from a conversation with Samsung customer support which was supposedly sent to him by mistake.

Just now got this. I can try and slow him down if we think it will matter, or we just let him do what he keeps threatening to do and see if he does it

Samsung asked Klering if they could take the phone but the owner refused, however he did agree to have the phone X-rayed.

That wasn’t the only case of replacement Galaxy Note 7s exploding. One of them caught fire on a Southwest Airlines plane and another in a 13 year girl’s hands in Minnesota.

All major phone carriers in the United States are accepting returns of the phone. Until we hear some better news, Gamenology strongly suggests to avoid buying the phone and if any concern of the safety of the phone, return it to the retailer for a new phone.

Source: The Verge

PlayStation Europe releases PlayStation VR video guides

PlayStation VR

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Limited has released a 3 part video guide on how to get your PlayStation VR connected.

The videos are currently unlisted, but we managed to find them on the PlayStation EU support website.

It is worth watching these videos before you go grabbing your PlayStation VR on launch day.

Part 1 – Unpacking

Part 2 – Getting Connected

Part 3 – Entering Virtual Reality

Facebook releases Messenger Lite for emerging countries


After the successful launch of Facebook Lite, Facebook is taking one step further and is releasing Messenger Lite in Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Venezuela, with more countries in the coming months.

The Messenger Lite application is less than 10 MB, so it will work great on older phones and tablets. The app includes standard features you would expect from a messaging app, such as sending and receiving messages and images. The Messenger Lite logo is the same as the regular Messenger logo but with colours reversed.

Facebook says currently more than 1 billion people around the world are using Messenger to stay in touch with friends and family. With Messenger Lite, users will now be able to send messages from devices with poor network conditions and/or low internal storage, because we know how bloated the regular Facebook apps are, right?

The app is now available on Google Play in the countries mentioned at the beginning of this article, however as of now you cannot download the app from Facebook’s website like you can with Facebook Lite. However Android Police’s APK Mirror has the APK ready for you to download, so if you want to grab the app, then click here.

PlayStation Now available for PC starting today in the US


Last week PlayStation Now for PC was released in European countries which has the PlayStation Now game streaming service. Today Sony has made the service available in the US which allows you to stream more than 400 PS3 games including exclusives, greatest hits, acclaimed masterpieces, and games for the whole family.

To get started go to and download the PlayStation Now application. Sony also said that 6 new PS3 games have been added this month, including Mafia II, Tomb Raider and Heavy Rain. Castlevania will also be coming soon to PS Now.

In order to play PS3 games on your Windows PC you will need a DUALSHOCK 4 controller with a USB cable (or you can use the optional wireless adaptor accessory to play wirelessly) a PSN account with a PS Now subscription and an internet connection of 5 Mbps or greater. Minimum PC requirements include Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 OS, Core i3 @ 2.0 GHz, 300 MB HDD space and 2 GB RAM.

PS Now is available in a 7 Day free trial, a 1 month subscription for $19.99 and a 1 year subscription for a limited time offer of $99.99. You can also use PS Now on various other devices including PS3, PS Vita, PS TV and compatible Smart TVs.

Source: PlayStation.Blog US

PS4 Slim to feature 5 GHz Wi-Fi

PS4 Slim

Looks like the PS4 Slim will be supporting 5 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity, according to several posts on Twitter.

Many people did not like it when the original PS4 only featured 802.11n 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. Many of you may know 5 GHz Wi-Fi brings better performance especially for online gaming, so it didn’t really make sense why Sony didn’t do that initially. The Xbox One had it since launch.

Well that’s all about to change, because the PS4 Slim will be featuring 802.11ac 5 GHz Wi-Fi! Here are some pictures we retrieved.

PS4 Wifi screenshot

PS4 Wifi manual

As you can see in the screenshot, the screen is displaying the current frequency band in use, which is pretty much confirming the inclusion of 5 GHz Wi-Fi. It also says so in the PS4 Safety Guide.

Well, if the PS4 Slim includes the 5 GHz connectivity, it would make sense to include it in the higher-end PS4 Neo right?

Hopefully we will hear more about these two new PS4 revisions on September 7th.