Welcome to Gamenology

Welcome to Gamenology, a brand new website that provides gaming and technology in one place.

We are brand new so we need time to get started. As you can see the website is not fully ready yet. We are new to WordPress so we need time to get used to it before it’s officially open. We are working very hard around the clock to get things done fast, so you might see random stuff going all over the website. You may not know how this happens, we have a secret Admin Panel to do all this cool stuff 😛

We also have a YouTube Channel which we will provide more information about this after a few days.

We hope you enjoy our new website and we hope you subscribe and visit us often! Don’t worry, we will improve over time, things are evolving you know 😀

Thank you for your support.



3 thoughts on “Welcome to Gamenology

  1. Gamenology will be open in a 1 week!

    [Removed fake Gamenology Admin name. Please do not impersonate the Gamenology team. Thanks]


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