Sony Confirms Big Press Conference At Gamescom

Looks like someone has been keeping up with PlayStation at gamescom 2013! Let’s see what he has to say.

Playstation Base



It’s official!  Sony have confirmed they will hold a BIG press conference at next months Gamescom in Cologne.  No doubt they will go all out to further down tread Microsoft and what a show it will be!

With the event being Gamescom, I would expect to see a showcase of some of the 140 games supposedly in development for the PS4’s first year.  I would bet my life on seeing more of 1866, Killzone and possibly some Final Fantasy.

Sony would also be expected to show more of the PS4’s operating system, more detail in the functions, the ability to share videos.  Possibly more on the Playstation App?

With the Playstation Pledge to Indie developers and their recent announcement that they would hold quarterly indie events, I would expect to see a large indie focus in their Gamecom press event.  Could we even see a Minecraft announcement after the

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