Gamenology Presents: MrThefaraz!

Hey everyone!

Yes, we are BACK in the Gamenology Studios writing this post and guess what we have in store for you today!

We are doing something new, and that is called Gamenology Presents!!!

That’s right, from time to time we will be showcasing the best of the best!

The first one is about a good friend of mine who has an AWESOME Let’s Play YouTube Channel.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome:


Let’s have a look at his YouTube Channel shall we?

He has a nice layout, with a cool background and picture.

He is currently doing Let’s Play Pokemon Leafgreen, using a Mac Emulator. You can check all the emulators he’s using via his About page.

His videos are professional, with an awesome commentary during the video. Expect 1 video from him about every few days.

Be sure to subscribe and follow him at:



WordPress Blog

Well that’s it for this time’s Gamenology Presents, and see you next time!


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