We Are No Longer Able To Comment On YouTube Thanks to Google+

Hey Gamenologers!

We got some bad news regarding our Techno Spotlight YouTube Channel.

The problem is that we are no longer able to comment on YouTube thanks to Google+.

Let’s do something different today. Today we will do a review of the new comments system and what we will do with it.

So basically YouTube changed the comments from the old one to this:

New YouTube Comment

Now that is completely fine, so we click on the comment box, and what do we get? This:

Update comment


Now this may be a bad thing because of the way our channel is configured.

Our username is Gamenology1 but our channel name is Techno Spotlight. So if we “upgrade” to Google+ our name will either be Gamenology1, Gamenology or Techno (First Name) Spotlight (Last Name).

Now we don’t want that so if you got a workaround this please let us know in the comments below.

Now the good side of things is that now you can actually MODERATE comments, as so:

Oh, wait we can’t, cuz we need to get Google+! AGAIN.

So, if you comment on our videos (We only have 1 at the moment) we will do a workaround and reply via the inbox. Let’s hope the inbox doesn’t get the same accident as the new YouTube comments has.

So, this is a pretty long post, so that’s it, and we’ll see you next time!


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