Apple CarPlay – iOS in the Car, the safe way

Hey Gamenologers!

It seems like Apple has announced something new with their wonderful iPhones. It has something to do with iOS 7. It has something to do with autos. It is…

Apple CarPlay!

That’s right, now you can get “almost” the complete iPhone experience in your car. Here’s how it works.

On select cars this year 2014, you will be able to get the iPhone experience in your car’s dashboard. You just plug in the iPhone using the Lightning cable, and away it goes!

Speak, tap or press

You can control the Apple CarPlay in 3 ways. You can either speak using Siri, interact with the touchscreen, or use the buttons provided in the car.

Speak, tap or buttons, Apple CarPlay

Navigate your way using the onboard Maps app

Need some aid navigating your way around London? How about Kansas City? Well with the onboard Maps app using the power of your iPhone, you can never be lost again.

Maps Carplay

Handsfree calling, now that’s the actual way

You can do handsfree calling, it’s one of the obvious points of this system. Handsfree Calling. Think about it. What kind of system would it have without handsfree calling? Ask yourself.

Phone carplay

Read your text messages and iMessages on the big screen

That’s right! The thing you have been waiting for is here! You can now read your text messages and iMessages thanks to CarPlay.

Messages carplay

Enjoy a visual way to browse music

Get the iOS look and feel using CarPlay. Browse through your music, tap and play.

Music carplay

Even apps can be used with CarPlay

Like almost every Apple device to date, you can use apps with CarPlay. Apps like Apple Podcasts, Beats Music, iHeartRadio, Spotify and Stitcher will soon be supported on CarPlay.

What manufacturers are supported?

Cars Carplay

And finally, which iPhones are supported?

Unfortunately, only the 5 series are supported with CarPlay. That means even if you have the amazing iPhone 4S, or the legacy but still awesome iPhone 4, Apple has put them out of the game and only the iPhone 5C, 5S and the 5 are supported. Sorry, 4 users.

Gamenology’s verdict

We think it will be a great game changer, and we can’t wait to see people’s reaction to this. Please drop your comments in the comments section below saying your reactions to this product and how you will think will impact your life. We can’t wait to hear from you all.

This may be part of the upcoming iOS 7.1 update, it may be, who knows?

One last thing, if you want to find out more about Apple CarPlay you can either visit The Official Apple Website¬†or we have put together this YouTube playlist on our Techno Spotlight channel showing you everything that Apple’s CarPlay has to offer.

That’s it for now, tune in next time for more news!


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