Why the Nokia X will be a flop

Hey Gamenologers!

So we have looked at several YouTube videos of phones in the Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2014 event. And we think the phones are great! But there is one phone that needs some attention. Let’s talk about the Nokia X shall we?

The Nokia X is an entry level Android smartphone which offers for the first time Android features on a Nokia phone. However, it is SO heavily skinned that they have even removed the Google Apps! So in this post we will give reasons on why the Nokia X will be a flop.

1. The design of the phone looks like an Asha.

Yes, you heard it right. The back cover, yes the back cover, looks EXACTLY like the ones on a Nokia Asha. We are in the smartphone revolution, ok?

2. The user interface looks like a cross between a Lumia and an Asha.

The user interface, let’s talk about it. When you go to the Home Screen, the tiles are there. Woah, does that remind you of something? We wonder…

If you swipe to the left or right, it will show the Fastlane. Why on earth do we need a Fastlane? This is not the Nokia Asha.

3. It has nothing Google.

That’s right. Google made Android, and guess what. Since Nokia is owned by Microsoft and Microsoft is SO scared of people using Google stuff, they decided to remove all the Google stuff.

4. There is NO Google Play Store!

Like we said above, since there is NOTHING Google, do not expect the Play Store to be on board. Expect, the Nokia Store. Who is gonna trust the Nokia Store anyway when it doesn’t have every single app there is in the Play Store? Even sideloading does not help, as many apps can be malicious.

5. Microsoft FORCES you to use Microsoft apps on an ANDROID!

Remember when we talked about when they removed all the Google stuff? Guess what, THEY PUT THE MICROSOFT APPS INSTEAD. Seriously, Outlook.com, Skype, OneDrive??? Seriously Microsoft, you do not own Android.

6. The Android version is 4.1.2!

Are you kidding us? 4.1.2? When there is 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4 KitKat already released! Seriously, why 4.1.2? Then soon all the Android apps will require a newer version. Why not KitKat? Or if it was too late, you could have used Android 4.3!

7. Nokia is ruined because of Microsoft.

Remember the great feature phones we had back in the day when Nokia was really Nokia? Now it’s all ruined because of Microsoft.

These are the 7 reasons of why the Nokia X will be a flop. What do you think about the Nokia X? Will it be a success or will it be a flop. Leave your replies down below.

Anyway, enough ranting about the Nokia X for now, and tune in next time for more news!


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