Gamenology Support Terms and Conditions

By using the Gamenology Support service, you agree to the following terms:

  • You must be using Twitter to get support from us.
  • You must tweet our Twitter handle @Gn_Support for your question to be answered.
  • You must ask us appropriate questions about tech and gaming. Any nonsense questions will be ignored.
  • Any Support questions posted in the WordPress comments will be ignored.
  • No questions about hacking and illegal stuff, they will be ignored.
  • Gamenology has the right to block any Twitter user misbehaving.
  • Do not ask the same question twice, we are not robots and can’t monitor Twitter every minute. Wait for a while for your question to be answered. If you repeatedly ask us the same question, it will be ignored.
  • No inappropriate tweets. You may be blocked.
  • No impersonating Gamenology Team in any way.
  • We may not be able to answer every single question you Gamenologers have and instead we may tell you to ask official representatives instead. We are not employees of any well known company (Sony, Samsung, Motorola, Microsoft, Nokia etc.) so we can’t answer everything.
  • Due to the 160 character limit in Twitter, please keep your question short as answers will need to be stuck to the 160 character limit as well.
  • If you have any other query which is not covered in this list or not related to Gamenology Support, please use our Contact Form instead.

Updated 24 May 2014