Nokia X Android Devices Will Run Windows Phone

Well this was kinda expected


Nokia, (you know, Microsoft’s mobile division), launched the Nokia X2, a low-cost Android handset last month. Yes, Android. This was the second device in the product line and a curious one at that. Because Android.

Today, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced a change in direction that will bring the Nokia X line more in line with Microsoft’s strategic direction meaning Nokia’s Android ambitions are as good as dead. The X2 never had a chance.

Going forward, Microsoft plans on shifting “select” Nokia X products to become Lumia devices running Windows.

Nokia forked Android back in February to create a new smartphone platform, which it called the Nokia X Software Platform to slot in between — pricing-wise — its Series 40 based low-cost Asha devices and its Windows Phone powered Lumia smartphones.

At the time Nokia described the fork as a Lumia “feeder” — with then CEO Stephen Elop saying Nokia…

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