Surprise! Samsung using cheap hardware in Samsung Galaxy Core 2 Android Smartphone

We were not expecting this from a really big phone brand like Samsung, but it actually happened. According to a video by Geekyranjit, using several benchmarking apps he managed to figure out the brand of the SoC used in the Galaxy Core 2.

For starters the CPU is a Cortex A7 quad core processor clocked at 1.20 GHz with a Mali 400 GPU. But, if you look at the board in the video the board number is sc7735s. Now this board is not manufactured by Qualcomm, Mediatek, Broadcom, Intel or Samsung Exynos but looking at the AnTuTu screenshot in the video it uses an Allwinner SoC. Now Allwinner SoC are not used by major brands like Samsung, Sony, LG, Motorola etc. but are however used on cheap low quality phones by cheap manufacturers. When we saw this video it was a shock to us as normally Samsung doesn’t put Allwinner SoCs on their phones. What’s even worse is a lack of a proximity sensor and on top of that the screen quality is one of the worst we have ever seen!

We have no idea what Samsung is doing with their mid range phones and we have no idea if it will be the same on Galaxy Ace 4, Young 2 and Star 2. But we’ll see what these phones come with later on.

Normally Samsung does not put this kind of quality on their smartphones but it seems to have happened this time.

So what do we have to say about it? If you are looking for a good mid range Android smartphone, go for the Motorola phones. If you are going to buy a Galaxy Core 2, you will regret your purchase cuz the only good thing about the Galaxy Core 2 over the original Core is Android KitKat OS 4.4.2

UPDATE: According to some users it seems to be using a Spreadtrum CPU instead:

Core 2 CPU


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