PlayStation Activity: Find out the manufacturer of the wireless chips used in your PlayStation Device

You’ve seen us mentioning this many times on Twitter and Google+. Well the time has now come to reveal our activity!

It is really simple providing you have the equipment needed to complete this activity. You have to find out the manufacturer of the WiFi chips used in your PlayStation Device!

No, you’re not gonna open up the system and void your warranty. But you need to find out how to find the manufacturer, that’s the whole point of this activity. Could it be a tool, an app? We’re not telling right now!

To complete this activity you will need either a PS3, PSP or PS Vita, a tool used for finding out the manufacturer of the WiFi chips. Once you find it out simply select your answer in the appropriate embed.

If you have trouble don’t worry, we will update this post with hints and tips over the next few days. Also keep in mind the correct answer is based on what the Team found when preparing this activity.

So go ahead, get started! Activity ends on 10th August 2014 and answers will be posted at Gamenology Website.

Good Luck!

Gamenology Team 🙂


HINT 1: Take a look at our Twitter and Google+ pages and look carefully for an app we shared. Maybe that app might help???

HINT 2: Make sure your device is connected to the same WiFi network as your PlayStation device!

HINT 3: The app you need is called a WiFi analyser


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