Gamenology Exclusive: The PlayStation 3 Bookmarklet Review

Well hello there again folks!

Since the launch of our awesome app, known specifically as the Gamenology app πŸ˜› we can’t just stop writing posts! If we want our app to be put to some good use, we need some posts to go with it right? Well, that’s what we are going to do today.

And this is special, because this is an exclusive review no other site has done. And it is about Daniel B’s PlayStation 3 Bookmarklet, a neat little bookmarklet sitting in your PS3’s bookmark list with a whole load of potential.

Before we start we would like to give a big thank you to the creator of the bookmarklet for providing us with a license to review the bookmarklet. Pricing and other info will be at the end.

Right then, let’s get started!

So what is this all about really?

If you ever used the PS3’s web browser you may have known that it is a massive hassle to use than the one on your PC, smartphone or tablet. That is because of low optimisations on Sony’s end, the 256 MB of RAM on the PS3, and the old Adobe Flash 9. The reason the Flash Player isn’t being updated is because Adobe has abandoned support for it, hence no more updates. We did see an update to the browser in early 2012 with the 4.10 update, but instead of improving it (yes it did a little) it has become slower and harder to use and even results in crashing! Personally when I used the web browser on the PS3 it keeps locking up and I had to hold the power button to force it to switch off.

The hassle went away when I found out about the PS3 Bookmarklet. Created in 2010, it was originally intended for watching YouTube easily on the browser, but has now expanded to a whole load of websites. I’ve used it since 2012, and it is a great creation. Currently it is on Version 3. This review will break the sites one by one to give you an overall idea. Let’s start with YouTube.


The mother of the bookmarklet. Since it’s creation it has added a whole load of features such as downloading, easier clicking on links, and even a built in XMB!

To see all the features it has to offer click here

We can’t cover everything as there’s literally a lot to cover, but we’ll cover the main ones.

Subscription XMB

To avail the XMB, simply go to your subscriptions on YouTube (, load up the bookmarklet and it should look something like this:

YouTube XMB 1

Pretty cool right? Now obviously it will look a bit different depending on what you’ve subscribed to, but it shows the videos in a XMB style look, and even shows the system time and your YouTube avatar! Pretty cool right?

Clicking on a video takes you to something like this:

YouTube video

From here you can watch the video, see likes and dislikes and even download the video! Neat huh?

There’s also a Settings area which gives you really fun stuff to play with. Even your own wallpaper!

YouTube XMB 2

Apart from the XMB, loading up the bookmarklet in the YouTube Search Results gives you a bit more info about the videos shown (also a little shout out to the creator there :))

YT Search

And in the video page (Man the video player is huge!!!) since the default player doesn’t work really well, load up the bookmarklet and you should be able to watch the video properly and download it.

YT Video

That’s all the main features really, but feel free to see the others yourself.


Using the bookmarklet makes reading WP a breeze. Simply load it up on any WP article and you will see the browser expand, and the article become really big so it can be easy on the eyes. You can also move your mouse to the left for some controls, as well as a Find function.

WP 1 WP 2


It basically operates the same way as the Wikipedia one, with the exception of the Find function being replaced with the “Go back to thread list” button.



Unfortunately we were unable to review this part of the bookmarklet since the Twitch site is basically showing a blank screen. We tried things like turning Javascript off and using the old browser (We will tell you how later) so we contacted the creator of the Bookmarklet for help and we will update this part soon.

What a coincidence, we can’t review it as they have shut down their site! Wow, so unfortunately we are gonna have to skip that.

Dailymotion, Giant Bomb and Vimeo

All these 3 sites operate in the same way, all the bookmarklet does is replace the non functional player with a functional video player. We have included a screenshot of how it looks on Dailymotion.



The Google one is kind of useless now since the 4.10+ PS3 web browser has full compatibility with it. But with the older browser, the site displays really weirdly so loading the bookmarklet on the site will make it look more better.


So how much is this gonna cost for you to use? There is a free trial available, but to acquire a full license you will need to use an Amazon Gift Voucher to send him a specified amount to his email address. From there he will send you a PSN message on how to set it up. More info is available on his website. Service is guaranteed until September 2016.


So what do we think of the bookmarklet? It has a whole lot of potential and we really like that someone came up with a solution for hard time browsing on the PS3. I personally have been using it since 2012 and it’s been great since then. We would love to see a PlayStation 4 Bookmarklet as well, but who knows?

His support is top-notch, and you can contact him on PSN (Tribble6) and YouTube (danny8bit, he also makes update videos about the bookmarklet) so help for the bookmarklet won’t be a problem. His website isΒ

Again we would like to thank him for providing us a license for review, and if you want to support his work, consider getting a license as well, it’s not much πŸ™‚


Well guys that’s all for now, we hope to be back with another post soon, and if you haven’t already, download our Android App πŸ™‚


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