Yes, after 3 years, the PSP receives a firmware update (6.61)

Who says updates for the PSP were dead? Back in August 2011 when we all thought 6.60 was the last firmware for the PSP, we were all wrong. Apparently another update in the name of 6.61 came out yesterday which is said to improve stability. Pretty common for Sony to say that right?

Actually, remember that 3.36 update the Vita recently got? We wonder if it’s something to do with PSP exploits that had to be patched. It probably must have been that. Cuz we updated our PSP and we don’t see a single change apart from the version number.

We were shocked when we heard of a new update for the PSP since production for the PSP is now dead. What is your reaction to this unexpected update? Did it break homebrew? Leave a comment down below. Also, here is a video explaining everything about the update:


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