Introducing our second app on the Play Store: The GnT app

Greetings Gamenologers!

We know it has been a while since we made our last post but we are happy to announce that we have published our second app on the Play Store, the GnT App!

Now take GnT with you with the official GnT app for Android, brought to you by Gamenology Media.
GnT Videos and Reviews once started as a YouTube Channel with loads of gaming videos on board, but now has expanded to include a WordPress site for tech reviews. Gamenology Media plans to take this to the next level by creating an in house Android application and distributing it on various Android marketplaces.

The GnT app features everything you need ranging from reading the latest blog posts, to watching the latest YouTube videos. And we plan to add more features throughout itโ€™s lifespan.

Here are the list of features the GnT app is currently offering.

  • View the latest blog posts
  • Visit the official Twitter page
  • Watch the latest GnT YouTube videos
  • Get notifications whenever a new blog post is published
  • Loads of settings to suit your needs
  • New features will be added over time and you can get the latest features easily by visiting the Google Play Store
  • Featuring Material Design!
  • Optimised for Android tablets

The content of the app will be from GnT, with all the technical stuff and publishing handled by Gamenology Media. Together, we bring you this app.

We hope you give our second app a try! If you would like to download it, visit:

Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoy our second app! ๐Ÿ™‚


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