iPhone 6C leaked???

Apple, who is very well-known for keeping secrets about their devices, has apparently posted a photo of what it looks to be an iPhone 6C on THEIR OWN APPLE STORE WEBSITE.

As of writing this we can’t find the picture anymore but if you go to the iPhone Lightning Dock webpage in the Apple Online Store, this is where the picture got accidentally posted.

The picture on the left shows the iPhone 5C and the picture on the right is probably the iPhone 6C. What’s the difference? The home screen on the iPhone 5C has the iOS 7 interface, while the iPhone 6C on the right has the iOS 8 interface. Ok, Apple could do that. But look at the home button really carefully. What’s that you see? A Touch ID home button!

By comparing the two pictures, it can be a possibility that Apple may announce the iPhone 6C at this year’s WWDC? Chances are the iPhone 6C will sport the same specs as the iPhone 6, given by the fact the iPhone 5C specs sported the same specs as the iPhone 5. We just have to wait and see.


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