iOS 9 to be compatible with iPhone 4S?

iPhone 4S

According to 9to5Mac, iOS 9 will have a completely different approach. iOS 9 will focus less on features and more on optimisation.

For a really long time Apple stopped giving support to devices that are not capable of running the latest and greatest operating system, but could that all change?

For starters there will be cosmetic changes, such as the font being changed to the one found on the Apple Watch, as well as a security system called Rootless. Apple is also trying to make syncing easier by making everything work with iCloud Drive.

Now on to the big news… It has been reported that iPhone 4S and iPad mini 1 users will be able to enjoy the new OS. The reason for that being possible to happen is the restructuring of their software engineering process. Instead of producing the OS with all features then taking them away later, it will be the opposite, produce the core OS and then add features one by one. This way, the whole OS won’t be slow on the old devices, and it is supposedly going to be a better experience than iOS 8.

Could this be true? We just have to wait for this year’s WWDC.


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