PS4 and PS Vita price cut to be announced at E3?

Has Sony Computer Entertainment America confirmed a price cut for both PS4 and PS Vita?

SCEA has a PlayStation Retail Loyalty Site where video game retail employees in North America can learn about PlayStation products. On the site, there is a promotion where members have the opportunity to win a PS4, PS Vita, PS TV (PS Vita TV in Asia) and some various other prizes. But if you look at the ARV prices (Approximate Retail Value) for both the PS4 and PS Vita, it shows a lower price.

PS4/Vita Price Cut

Currently, the PS4 costs $399 and the PS Vita costs $199 in the United States. But as you can see in that picture the PS4 is getting a $50 price cut and the PS Vita is getting a MASSIVE $110 PRICE CUT!!!! Will this be announced at E3?

Some people are worried about the PS Vita price cut being so much because of the fact Sony might discontinue it. We don’t think that will happen too early, as Sony still has some things going on for it. It recently launched in China, so it wouldn’t make sense to discontinue it now. We might see some Vita news at E3, but who knows?


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