Is Apple slowly abandoning the iPod?

The WWDC conference just happened a few hours ago, so most people would jump on to the Apple website to see what all the cool stuff were announced at the event. Ok, that’s cool and all, but we did notice one thing missing at the top of the Apple website:

Apple Website Top Bar

What do you notice missing? That’s right, the range of music players Apple was really known for, the iPod is now missing! Ok, that’s not a big deal, there’s a music button, let’s go there shall we?

The Music page is basically explaining Apple Music, Apple’s new music streaming service. But scroll down and you’ll find something:

iPod is hidden

That’s right, the iPod range has now been buried in the music page, where it is much more harder to find. Even though you can type in the URL bar, we feel something is happening.

Could this mean the end of the iPod? Given that Apple hasn’t made any updates to the lineup since 2012, and not talking about it much in their marketing, and now this, could this really mean the end?

However Apple Music and iOS 9 will be available on the iPod touch 5th generation, but that is really all to say when it comes to iPod news. What do you think? Leave your opinion in the comments below. (If you’re on the app, tap on Visit Website to comment)

WWDC 2015 coverage post is coming, so stay tuned


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