Why does Apple’s first Android app have negative reviews?

iOS 9 has just been released to the public, and Apple said back in June that they would offer a way for Android users to migrate to iOS easily. Now, the app has arrived.

Enter Move to iOS, Apple’s first and only app on the Play Store right now, which unfortunately is filled with biased reviews. The average rating of the app is currently 1.8, which is not a good number.

Here at Gamenology we are not biased, we have used both Apple and Android devices and appreciate the two. But unfortunately because of the smartphone wars people have been downvoting the app due to the fact it’s made by Apple. Some reviews don’t even make sense.

Move to iOS negative reviews

We don’t think many people actually used the app for what it’s supposed to do given the new OS and the app came out just a few hours ago.

What do you guys think of this? Apple is also making another app, called Beats Music. Are you excited for that? Let us know in the comments below.


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