Microsoft announces their first laptop, a sleek 2 in 1 with powerful specs

Surface Book

At their Windows 10 devices event on 6 October 2015 Microsoft announced their first laptop, the Surface Book. For Microsoft’s first laptop we got to say we were really impressed.

As many of you would know Microsoft is very popular for their PC operating system, Windows. However they haven’t made a proper laptop till now (The Surface tablet doesn’t count) and now Microsoft came up with the Surface Book which has unbelievable specs! Could it be the next MacBook killer?

Now Microsoft may have got it right because of the fact they used whatever technologies the Windows 10 OS has and put them all in the Surface Book. Things like the Windows 10 tablet mode, where the SB can detach from the keyboard and turn into a tablet. It is also very slim but packs very powerful hardware.

Inside the Surface Book you will either find a 6th Gen Intel Core i5 or i7 with either 8 GB or 16 GB of GDDR5 RAM. This is another thing that shocked us, the use of GDDR5 RAM! Our PC from 2013 has DDR3 RAM so that’s impressive! It has the same RAM as the PS4 and even beats the Xbox One DDR4 RAM!

You can also opt for a discrete GPU which is a Nvidia, or you can use the built-in graphics chip which is an Intel HD Graphics. And finally, it comes preloaded with Windows 10 Pro.

What do you think about it guys? If you are interested in it, the price is a bit high, but you get what you pay for.

Prices start at $1499 with the maximum reaching $2699, depending on your configuration choices.


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