Gamenology Media to launch Windows 10 apps in the near future

After the successful launch of both the Gamenology and GnT Android apps, Gamenology Media is always finding new ways to bring its apps to a variety of devices. We would like to share with you our preview of the “Windows 10” versions of both Gamenology and GnT.
Thanks to the Windows App Studio, we were able to create universal Windows 10 apps that work across PC, phones and tablets. As thousands of people upgrade or purchase Windows 10 everyday, the more people will be able to access our applications.

The apps features a user interface which focuses on the things you want, with no ads and no in app purchases. The home screen aggregates all the content, and you can simply click on the hamburger menu to see each module in more detail.

Gamenology on Windows 10
GnT on Windows 10
We are planning to launch the complete versions of these two apps in the Summer of 2016, on the Windows Store.
A downloadable preview is available on request. If you would like to download the preview, please contact us at

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