Sony announces new Sony Interactive Entertainment division


Sony has announced today that they will be merging both the Sony Computer Entertainment (PlayStation hardware and software) and Sony Network Entertainment (PlayStation Network Services) into one division, called Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC.

What is interesting about this merge is that the new division will be headquartered in the United States, not Japan. However global business operations will be established in Tokyo and London.

The president and global CEO of SIE will be Andrew House. Below is a structure of how the business will run.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Business Structure


Another thing we found is that Shuhei Yoshida will be reporting to Shawn Layden, as seen in a tweet.

The date of incorporation will be 1st April 2016, which is interesting. You know what we mean right? 🙂

What do you think about this guys? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Sources: SCE Corporate, PlayStation Blog US


2 thoughts on “Sony announces new Sony Interactive Entertainment division

  1. I honestly think that it should be headquartered in Japan, just because it would be better for connectedness with global operations. And PS is a japanese company and I think while I think associating it with the US would be better for western markets, i feel as though PS should stay closer with it’s Japanese roots.


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