Facebook backdoor leaking usernames and passwords

Well guys, we never knew that a big company like this would have a backdoor that leaks users’ account usernames and passwords. The news was spread when a hacker hacked into the social network and found out that there was a backdoor like this. But we finally know that Facebook has a backdoor which isn’t great news at all!

But Facebook security engineer Reginaldo Silva said in a statement:

We’re really glad Orange reported this to us. In this case, the software we were using is third party. As we don’t have full control of it, we ran it isolated from the systems that host the data people share on Facebook. We do this precisely to have better security.

We determined that the activity Orange detected was in fact from another researcher who participates in our bounty program. Neither of them were able to compromise other parts of our infrastructure, so the way we see it, it’s a double win: two competent researchers assessed the system, one of them reported what he found to us and got a good bounty, none of them were able to escalate access.

But the good news is that it’s over now, because Tsai reported the bug to Facebook and waited until the social giant discovered the bug.


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