Apple WWDC 2016

So Apple’s WWDC has taken place last week at San Francisco. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from this year’s developer conference.

iOS 10

iOS 10

Apple’s next major iteration of its mobile operating system was announced at WWDC. Notable changes include enhancements to iMessage, redesigned Maps, improved Siri and Photos.

When it comes to iMessage, Apple has taken some of the key features from other messaging apps, as well as some things from Apple Watch. You can now handwrite messages and send it exactly the way you wrote it to the other person. You can make the message “louder or quieter”, similar to Google’s upcoming Allo app. Animations, invisible ink, stickers and third-party add ons are also included with the update.

Maps now allows you to book a table with OpenTable and a ride in Uber – all without leaving the app. It also allows you to search for places along your route, so if you need to stop for the nearest gas station, you can make sure the Maps app will get you there.

Apple has also included a new Home app, which enables you to control HomeKit enabled appliances all within one app. The Music app has also been redesigned.

Other enhancements include widgets on the lock screen, Raise to Wake and rich notifications. This version also drops support for Apple A5 devices, including the iPhone 4s, iPad 2 and iPod touch 5th generation.

One feature that wasn’t mentioned in the conference was the ability to uninstall preloaded Apple apps. Defaults coming maybe?

macOS Sierra

macOS Sierra

Apple’s next Mac OS version is no longer called OS X, but now called macOS to simplify their OS naming scheme. When it comes to the version it is called Sierra. We are assuming it will be macOS 12.

The biggest addition to Sierra is Siri, which took nearly 5 years to reach the Mac, since the introduction of Siri back in 2011. You can expect all the features of Siri plus some exclusive Mac features.

Photos also got an update similar to iOS 10, now including Memories, and the ability to use the photos you taken to categorise them into several types of data.

Apple Pay is also included in this update, allowing you to pay for online transactions using your iPhone or Apple Watch as a password. Universal Clipboard enables you to copy on one Apple device and paste on another. The Desktop and Documents folder are now backed up to iCloud Drive automatically. The update also includes storage optimisation, where rarely used files are stored in the cloud.

watchOS 3

watchOS 3

The watchOS 3 update includes faster launching of apps. It includes a Dock and Control Center.

New watch faces are also added, with the ability to download more from the App Store. Activity Sharing allows activities to be shared with friends and family for motivation. A new Breathe App is also included, guiding you through managing stress or experiencing calm moments.

HomeKit appliances can also be controlled from the watch as well as the ability to easily call for emergency services.

tvOS 10

tvOS 10

In tvOS 10, Siri gets improved, with the ability to search for movies and videos on YouTube. Single Sign-on allows you to enter your cable TV credentials and access all TV apps using that one account. The appearance can now be changed from Light to Dark (or vice versa) and also includes improved Photos, Apple Music, HomeKit control and a new Apple TV Remote app available on your iPhone.

So what do you think about this year’s WWDC conference guys?


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