Amazon to sell Android phones with ads

Amazon Prime

Amazon is starting to sell select unlocked Android phones to Prime members at a discounted price in exchange for pre-installed Amazon apps as well as more ads.

Right now the deal only applies to two phones, the new Moto G and the BLU R1 HD, neither of which is available yet in the US, but are expected to ship on July 12th. The lock screen ads are not that different from the “special offer” ads that Amazon puts on their Kindle and Fire devices.

BLU Amazon ads

The ads will appear on the lock screen of the phone, but it will also show below the notifications that appear on your lock screen.

The ads are not limited to Amazon products and services, but from other marketers as well. The ads can be swiped away or dismissed, but you can’t control how frequently the ads appear. Amazon says it will report standard attributes when someone clicks on an ad, but no personal information will be shared with third-party advertisers.

Amazon will also install a bunch of its own apps on the phones, such as Amazon Underground, Kindle and Amazon Video.

Amazon apps

You will have to be a Prime member to get these phones though, and the prices vary. For example, the BLU smartphone costs $50 with ads, while the Moto G is $150.

Whether you can modify the phone to remove these things isn’t yet clear, we will see what people say when they get their hands on these phones.

What do you think about this guys?

Source: The Verge


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