PS4 4.00 beta now open for registration


Sony seems to have a pattern when it comes to PS4 software updates. The first half of the year we see a .5 update, while the second half of the year sees a big x.00 update. Looks like Sony is not braking the tradition as of yet and is now seeking beta testers for its upcoming big system software update.

Most likely the version will be 4.00, if you are interested you can click here for US accounts, and here for EU accounts. After signing up, you will receive an email with instructions on downloading the beta software. To participate in the beta, you will need a PS4 with an internet connection and a PSN Master Account. If you encounter any problems while using the beta software, you can roll back to the previous version at any time.

Also, make sure to provide feedback during the beta. You can discuss about the features included on the PlayStation Forums. More details about the features will be published soon.

So, are you interested in helping out?


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