Windows 10 after one year

Windows 10

July 29 2015. That is the day when Microsoft released their latest Windows operating system to the world. Today is July 29 2016, exactly one year after the launch of Windows 10 around the world.

For me personally I was really excited for this operating system since the announcement of the technical preview back in 2014. I even downloaded the preview and tried it on a virtual machine to see what it would look like. At first I was really impressed and was eagerly waiting for the final release.

One of the reasons that convinced me to upgrade from my previous operating system (Windows 7) was the fact that it was a free upgrade offer. I knew I couldn’t miss the chance to try out this amazing new operating system so I signed up when I got a chance.

Then the big day arrived. The installation of the operating system was really quick and smooth, considering you have a fast internet connection. The download was roughly 3 GB. There were a bit of glitches here and there but that was because a lot of things happened on my Windows 7 installation. I have done a clean install later on and it was working buttery smooth.

Windows 10 brings some amazing new features, such as Cortana, the redesigned Start Menu and Microsoft Edge, which I can’t wait to try out the extensions in the Anniversary Update when it releases on August 2. I was overall satisfied with the launch build of the operating system and had high hopes for future updates.

Then comes the November update, A.K.A Threshold 2. It brought some revisions to the operating system, as well as new apps like the Messaging app. I personally did not use the messaging app and disabled it, but that’s just a personal preference. I’m not trying to say it’s bad, it’s pretty decent.

While I enjoyed Windows 10 myself, there were some people who weren’t happy with the operating system, and Microsoft’s tactics. The so-called “forced upgrades” that Microsoft was doing to its GWX app on Windows 7 and 8.1 brought some controversy to the public. I feel that everyone has the right to make their own choices, and since the fact that it’s an optional upgrade, Microsoft should have made the notifications less aggressive. There were also some privacy concerns regarding telemetry and all.

Windows 10 is also available on Mobile and Xbox One. The fact that Microsoft is trying to make the OS a unified platform across all devices was a really interesting concept, and some great UWP apps are being made for it. Not all the big apps have made their way to Windows 10, but with the fact that you can convert your classic Win32 apps and publish on the Windows 10 is coming with the Anniversary Update, I feel the Windows Store will get better over time.

I am looking forward to the Anniversary Update when it comes out. It is bringing some major improvements to the UI, as well as things like Windows Ink, which is not much of a use for me but I’ll check it out anyways, and more. A good job to Microsoft for making this the best operating system yet and I’m looking forward to Windows 10’s future.


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