Sony introduces two new portable speakers

Sony recently introduced two new, powerful portable speakers – GT4D and V44D. Both models feature Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC). They also have AUX input, DVD input as well as USB input. Sony’s two powerful portable systems also come with built-in FM. Cool right?

The GT4D pumps out 1600 Watts where as the V44D pumps out 660 Watts. Both have Dolby Digital sound technology. The LDAC feature allows users to send high quality audio through Bluetooth.

Sony states that these are aimed towards the young generation and also says that these two portable systems will be their best companion wherever they go to keep themselves entertained.

Sony says that both speakers are lightweight and easy to carry.  The V44D is a one-box speaker system with built-in handles to carry it anywhere, whereas the GT4D features a pull-out handle with wheels.

AB80414_1 53497669


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