Sony to terminate PlayStation Store support on Media Go

In an email sent to users today, Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced the discontinuation of PlayStation Store on Media Go:

PlayStation Store and any features which require access to PlayStation Store within the Media Go application will no longer be available after the October update.

If your PSP (PlayStation®Portable) – model PSP-E1000 – does not does not have Wi-Fi you need to download your content no later than 24 October 2016.

For other PSP users this means:
• You will no longer be able to activate or deactivate your PSP using Media Go.
• You will no longer be able to download and install purchased PSP and PlayStation Video content via Media Go.

You can still use the above features by connecting your PSP directly to the network via Wi-Fi.

If you have a PSP-E1000 model make sure to download everything by the cut-off date that is 17 October. PSP 1000, 2000, 3000 and N1000 (Go) owners can use Wi-Fi to download PlayStation Store content as an alternative.

Activating and deactivating your PSP via Media Go will also not work after the cut-off date. Downloading PlayStation Video content will also not be available, however you can continue to stream the video content to your PC.

Users can continue to shop PlayStation Store on their PC by visiting

More information about the termination of PS Store features on Media go can be found at—features/other/media-go-update/


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