Sony announces ForwardWorks plans


SIE’s new division ForwardWorks, dedicated to making games for mobile devices has announced its plans for the year ahead. The company revealed all the details in a presentation last Wednesday.

The first game that will be available is Everybody’s Golf, which was a game available on PlayStation consoles. The developer of the game will be Dorikomu and will be available in Spring 2017.

The next game is DASH which is from the popular series Yu Namama on the PSP. It is an action puzzle game which is set to be released in 2017. Other games, such as Arc the Lad, Wild Arms, Parappa and others are currently TBA.

ForwardWorks is also partnering with 3rd party developers like Nippon Ichi and Square Enix to bring games like Disgaea and other series. There will also be another game from Square that will be announced later.

ForwardWorks’ original game will be called Sora and the Sea of Aida (rough translation) which is based on six girls that challenge the space fish.

Project FIELD is a new platform, which consists of smartphones and tablets, cards with IC chips and trading card games. The first game produced for Project FIELD will be from the Yokai Watch series.

More information is set to be announced soon, but as of now these games are more taiored to the Japanese audience. So guys, what do you think about their upcoming plans?

Sources: PlayStation.Blog Japan, ForwardWorks, Sony Japan


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