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Update your old Kindle to stay online

Amazon Kindle

We all love to read books and we love our Kindles as well. Kindle updates always give you some great features. But this update isn’t something you would want to ignore. Why? Amazon is warning owners of Kindles from 2013 including the original Kindle Paperwhite to update in order to stay connected. Amazon also stated that you should update your Kindle software before March 22nd if you want to stay online and download some great books to read.

If you don’t update your Kindle before March 22nd, you still have the chance of updating your Kindle. But you have to do it manually, by downloading the update from the Amazon website and transferring it through a USB cable to your Kindle. If you are looking for detailed instructions, select your device on this page.


Gamenology Media Android Apps now available on Amazon

Amazon GN Media Promo

The wait is over, the Gamenology Media apps (Gamenology and GnT) have been officially launched today on Amazon Appstore and Amazon Underground!

Today marks a new milestone in our history. The Android apps you know and love today are now available on another popular Android app store, serving millions of customers every day!

And thanks to this new launch, we are now able to target Gamenology Media on Amazon Kindle and Fire devices!

So what are you waiting for? If you have an Amazon device, or prefer to download apps from Amazon, download our apps today by searching Gamenology Media on Amazon.


AND coming soon are our Windows 10 apps for both PC and Mobile! Join the preview now at gamenologymedia.weebly.com/windows-10. Remember, YOU can help us make our apps better!

Future updates to our Android apps will be released on both Play Store and Amazon.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy our apps on Amazon 🙂