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Facebook releases Messenger Lite for emerging countries


After the successful launch of Facebook Lite, Facebook is taking one step further and is releasing Messenger Lite in Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Venezuela, with more countries in the coming months.

The Messenger Lite application is less than 10 MB, so it will work great on older phones and tablets. The app includes standard features you would expect from a messaging app, such as sending and receiving messages and images. The Messenger Lite logo is the same as the regular Messenger logo but with colours reversed.

Facebook says currently more than 1 billion people around the world are using Messenger to stay in touch with friends and family. With Messenger Lite, users will now be able to send messages from devices with poor network conditions and/or low internal storage, because we know how bloated the regular Facebook apps are, right?

The app is now available on Google Play in the countries mentioned at the beginning of this article, however as of now you cannot download the app from Facebook’s website like you can with Facebook Lite. However Android Police’s APK Mirror has the APK ready for you to download, so if you want to grab the app, then click here.


Facebook backdoor leaking usernames and passwords

Well guys, we never knew that a big company like this would have a backdoor that leaks users’ account usernames and passwords. The news was spread when a hacker hacked into the social network and found out that there was a backdoor like this. But we finally know that Facebook has a backdoor which isn’t great news at all!

But Facebook security engineer Reginaldo Silva said in a statement:

We’re really glad Orange reported this to us. In this case, the software we were using is third party. As we don’t have full control of it, we ran it isolated from the systems that host the data people share on Facebook. We do this precisely to have better security.

We determined that the activity Orange detected was in fact from another researcher who participates in our bounty program. Neither of them were able to compromise other parts of our infrastructure, so the way we see it, it’s a double win: two competent researchers assessed the system, one of them reported what he found to us and got a good bounty, none of them were able to escalate access.

But the good news is that it’s over now, because Tsai reported the bug to Facebook and waited until the social giant discovered the bug.

Sony discontinues Facebook support on PS3 and PS Vita systems

PS3 and PS Vita

Sony has discontinued Facebook support by releasing updates for both PS3 and PS Vita. The versions are 4.78 and 3.57 respectively.

This is all what we know according to Sony. But we guess they did this due to changes in the Facebook API, however it’s surprising for it to be discontinued for the Vita, but as we all know Sony isn’t treating the Vita very well.

Have any of you guys used the Facebook feature? Let us know.

WhatsApp removes annual subscription fee

WhatsApp Logo

WhatsApp has announced in a blog post that they will be removing the annual subscription fee for everyone.

Ever since the beginning of WhatsApp, users had to pay a fee to use it. However it slowly went away, for example WhatsApp removed the price you need to download the app for iPhone users few years ago.

WhatsApp says “this approach hasn’t worked well” and that many users don’t have credit and debit cards to continue chatting with friends and family. Over the next few weeks WhatsApp will be updated across all platforms, removing the fee.

However WhatsApp stayed free for people in developing countries such as India, Nepal, Bangladesh etc. But now the change has gone global, which we feel should have been done in the first place as being one of the most popular messaging apps, needed to pay to use the service while other services such as Facebook Messenger and Viber were free.

WhatsApp’s new way of making money is not via third-party ads, but “allow you to use WhatsApp to communicate with businesses and organizations that you want to hear from”. This may cause concerns for some people, but we will see within the next few weeks what is happening.

So what do you guys think about this change? We have also heard video calling is coming. Let us know what you think.

Source: WhatsApp Blog

Sony pulls a Facebook, launches dedicated PlayStation Messages app for Android and iOS

PlayStation Messages

Looks like Sony is doing the same thing Facebook is doing with its messaging system.

Sony has recently updated the PlayStation app to remove the messaging feature. Now they have released a new app dedicated for messaging friends on PSN. Does that remind you of another company that did the same thing?

It may be a bit inconvenient for some people to use two apps for PlayStation but we gave it a try on Android, and it’s much better and more faster than having it integrated in the PlayStation App. It also has Material Design, which is nice.

If you want to check it out for yourself, download it from the iOS or Android store.

WhatsApp blocking Telegram links?

A recent update to the WhatsApp app for Android has revealed that WhatsApp is blocking links to their competitor, Telegram.

This is really weird and strange for WhatsApp to do something like that, but the URLs are not hyperlinked and they can’t be copied to the clipboard. This started happening in update 2.12.367.

WhatsApp 1

WhatsApp 2

What do you think about this guys? Leave your comments in the comments below. (App users should press View on Website to access the comments.)

Increase Your Facebook Security with Two-Factor Authentication

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If you’ve ever been concerned about the integrity of your Facebook account, and keeping out the online creepers, there is a simple step you can take that will greatly increase the security of your social soap box.

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