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Important Information regarding the 1.18 update of the Gamenology App (UPDATE)

UPDATE: The Check for Updates feature has been restored in Version 1.19. To access this updated feature, please select “App Info” from the sidebar.

Version 1.18 temporarily disables the Check for Updates feature introduced in Version 1.10. This is because we are working on a new system to make the Check for Updates feature more easier for us to maintain on our server. So in the meantime, it will be disabled and we will reintroduce the feature, as well as a new and improved help system, in Version 1.20, our next major update.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.


Introducing the Gamenology World Tour (April Fools 2015)

Gamenology World Tour

Gamenology is proud to announce to you today the Gamenology World Tour!

What is it you ask? We are going to be travelling to several countries around the world starting May 1 2015, and we will bring all sorts of fun tech for you guys to play with! Things like the PS4, Galaxy S6, Sony 4K Android TVs and more!

We will also be selling our first ever range of Gamenology merchandise, featuring Gamenology cups, shirts, flags and much much more!

Gamenology T Shirt

We will also be setting up a couple of phones so that you guys can have an exclusive look at the Gamenology app with the Gamenology Team, and you can ask us questions about the app before you download it on your own devices!

The Gamenology CEO says

“I am very proud to introduce to you the Gamenology World Tour. Since it’s beginning in 2013, we wanted to make Gamenology not just a fansite, but a network of one of the best tech and gaming review companies ever. Therefore the Gamenology World Tour will introduce people to Gamenology, and it will be one of the best events we ever had. We are also really happy to introduce our very first range of Gamenology merchandise, exclusively being sold at the Gamenology World Tour, and will be shipping to your local store everywhere in the world by Winter 2015, just in time for Christmas.”

We will be commencing the World Tour starting with the United Kingdom, then we will move on to the United States, France, Australia, Japan and more. The full list of countries is to be announced soon.

What do you think guys? Are you excited for the Gamenology World Tour? If you are hit that LIKE button, share this post with your friends and comment if you have anything to say about the Gamenology World Tour!

If you are posting anything about the World Tour on Twitter, be sure to use the hashtag #GnWorldTour so we can get more people to join in the fun!

Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoyed this year’s April Fool’s joke for 2015! 🙂

Introducing our very first major update to our app

Hey Gamenologers, we have some good news for you all.

For early adopters of our app, we are pleased to announce that 1.10, our very first major update is now available!

Here are some of the changes:

  1. New Gamenology Theme!
  2. Check for the latest app updates right from the sidebar.

  3. Stay up to date with app developments.

  4. New FAQ section!

Also, some minor changes:

  1. Help has been renamed to Help and Support.
  • Support has been renamed to Gamenology Support.

  • Removed Help from Settings menu as there is now a FAQ section.

  • So if you haven’t downloaded our app yet, go ahead and download it! Be sure to leave a review as well, as it helps us on what to put in next!

    Thanks for reading, and enjoy your weekend!

    Gamenology Team

    The Official Gamenology app is now available

    Hey guys.

    We are pleased to announce that our app is now available on the Google Play Store!

    With our new subsidiary that we created (Gamenology Media) we were able to get things sorted out and here it is! Our app is here!

    We have officially brought reading to the next level.

    If you want to download our app, click on the Google Play banner below. Note you will need Android 2.3 and above to run it, but seriously, most people are on the 4.x series right now 🙂


    Also, make sure to follow our new Twitter account @GamenologyMedia. That way you’ll stay up to date with the latest tips, tricks, developments and more!

    Also, look out for regular app updates over the next few days 🙂

    Thank you for your support, and enjoy the app! Be sure to leave a review! 🙂

    A quick update about our app

    Hey Gamenologers,

    If you were waiting for the app to release, we are sorry to say that our app has been delayed due to technical difficulties with Google. We hope to release the app by the end of this week.

    In the meantime, you can follow our new Twitter page @GamenologyMedia which will give you updates about what’s happening to the app. 

    Thank you for your patience.

    Gamenology Team

    Happy New Year from Gamenology

    Happy New Year Gamenologers!

    So 2014 has finally come, and we have some BIG news for us to share.



    That’s right! Now take Gamenology with you wherever you go with Gamenology for Android. Catch up with the latest news direct in the palm of your hand.

    It’s currently a Work In Progress and once done it will be available to download directly from the website.

    Till then, have a wonderful new year!

    From the Gamenology Team