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Gamenology 2 Year Anniversary


It is time again where we celebrate another year of awesomeness since the beginning of Gamenology back in 2013. We have now passed two years and it wouldn’t be possible without YOU! So thank you guys, so much for sharing the journey with everyone. Now every year we review our strategies. Today the team would like to talk about that.

Gamenology Support

Gamenology Support was an initiative by Gamenology where the team assists people on Twitter with their everyday products. However, we have decided the best place of getting technical support was through the company itself. Nowadays, there are forums and chat solutions for many companies, and we feel these solutions are the right way to go. Today we would like to tell you that the service will now be discontinued. We had a great long run, however what we believe about getting support is true and we hope in the future that you can get a good amount of support for your tech. Oh, and don’t forget the warranty 🙂

Gamenology Media

Last December, we created Gamenology Media, a subsidiary of Gamenology that aims to deliver high quality Android apps. We kicked off the division with the official Gamenology app for Android, and we knew how much work it took to get it done right. If you look at the app now compared to what it was in the beginning, you can see we have done a lot of stuff to make the app more user-friendly for everyone. Recently we launched our next major update to Gamenology, featuring an updated user interface and more. The app has received high ratings since it’s launch and we are working hard around the clock to take your feedback into consideration.

We also launched our second app recently, GnT Videos and Reviews, which you can also find on the Play Store. The GnT app let’s you watch the latest YouTube videos on the go and more. We believe that these two apps will create an even higher reputation for the brand. So soon we will be launching the two apps on two other Android marketplaces, Amazon Appstore and Opera Mobile Store. Our decision for these two stores was for that both Amazon and Nokia X Android users can use the apps as well. More information to be announced soon.

Gamenology Media will have it’s own anniversary this December. Look out for it and we look forward to a brighter future.

Back to Basics

Last year we announced that we would be shifting focus to Twitter. However, even though it went well we felt our old strategy of writing posts will create an even higher representation of the brand. So we have decided to start writing regular blog posts again, which at the same time will create more traffic and better use of the official app.

Gamenology Written Reviews

We are also pleased to announce today that YouTuber Proverbial Gaming will be writing reviews for the site! Look out for the posts in the coming days.

And finally…

We hope these announcements satisfy your expectations about us. We look forward to hearing your feedback. Thank you for another year of awesomeness, and we look forward to serving you another year.

Thanks again!

Gamenology Team 🙂


Introducing the Official Gamenology App for Android

Since the beginning of Gamenology back in June 2013, we were always looking for ways to make reading our site and social media pages easier.

Now, for you Android users, the time has come!

Introducing the official Gamenology app for Android!

This was long overdue when we made plans back in January 2014 but we have finally made one!

Features of the app:

  • Be able to read our articles posted on our website with ease
  • Visit our social media pages
  • Bookmark your favourite articles
  • Push notifications let you know when articles are published, and you have control over them.
  • One click support to Gamenology Support, community support via Twitter helping you with tech, and when the app is released, support for the app.
  • Loads of settings to fit your needs
  • Updates overtime will add new features to the app and will ensure you get the best Gamenology experience.
  • Optimised for Android Tablets

The revolution has come with the official Gamenology app for Android! We would like to thank you for being fans of our site over the past 1 year, and we hope by this new creation by us, we have taken one step further into the future.

When will the app be released? We are planning to (at the time of writing this post) release this app on the Google Play Store sometime next week. More details will be announced soon.

And if that wasn’t enough, here are some screenshots of both the phone and tablet version!

Android Phone

Android Tablet

Thank you again for being fans, and we look forward to our app release sometime next week! 🙂

Gamenology Support Terms and Conditions

By using the Gamenology Support service, you agree to the following terms:

  • You must be using Twitter to get support from us.
  • You must tweet our Twitter handle @Gn_Support for your question to be answered.
  • You must ask us appropriate questions about tech and gaming. Any nonsense questions will be ignored.
  • Any Support questions posted in the WordPress comments will be ignored.
  • No questions about hacking and illegal stuff, they will be ignored.
  • Gamenology has the right to block any Twitter user misbehaving.
  • Do not ask the same question twice, we are not robots and can’t monitor Twitter every minute. Wait for a while for your question to be answered. If you repeatedly ask us the same question, it will be ignored.
  • No inappropriate tweets. You may be blocked.
  • No impersonating Gamenology Team in any way.
  • We may not be able to answer every single question you Gamenologers have and instead we may tell you to ask official representatives instead. We are not employees of any well known company (Sony, Samsung, Motorola, Microsoft, Nokia etc.) so we can’t answer everything.
  • Due to the 160 character limit in Twitter, please keep your question short as answers will need to be stuck to the 160 character limit as well.
  • If you have any other query which is not covered in this list or not related to Gamenology Support, please use our Contact Form instead.

Updated 24 May 2014

Introducing Gamenology Support, high quality third party support for your tech

Are you looking for some help?

Official representatives not helping?

Want help from an experienced team?

Introducing our high quality tech support service…

Gamenology Support!

That’s right, now you can ask your favourite dedicated tech and gaming site for support. Via Twitter!

Here’s how it works, simply tweet our dedicated Twitter handle @Gn_Support with your query and our team will be happy to help you!*

We would appreciate if you could follow our Support account as well to keep our account successful. Simply click the button below.

By following our Support account, not only will you receive dedicated support, but tips, tricks for your devices and more!

So what are you waiting for? Get going!

*Terms and conditions apply. T&Cs will be in a separate post.