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Registrations now open for next PS4 software 5.00 beta

As with the previous major software releases, Sony Interactive Entertainment is once again inviting PlayStation Network users to try out their latest PS4 system software 5.00 before it is officially released to the public.

Not much is known at the moment, but if you’re interested click on one of the links below depending on your region.

North America




Looks like the PlayStation 4 can now preload game patches

This was spotted on my PS4 today, and is one of the first titles to make use of this feature. It seems like the 4.50 update now enables developers to send game patches and set a time when they will be installable and ready to use. This is very similar to preloading a pre-ordered game.

What we are looking at here is the LittleBigPlanet 3 1.25 update, and the patch notes say this:

LittleBigPlanet Game Update 1.25 has begun rolling-out for some players today is scheduled to go live on  Friday March 17th at 12:01AM GMT.

What this means is that over the next three days, the update will become available to you all periodically but you won’t be able to install it until the time mentioned above. Meaning that once the install time of March 17th 12:01AM GMT is here, you can all install the new update without having to wait for it to download and can begin playing together right away!

This is pretty cool indeed, as people with slow internet connections may have to wait a while for large updates to download (this one is 1.3 GB) but it is up to the developers to make use of this feature. I’m guessing it is on hold for Friday so that the servers can be updated to take advantage of the new features of 1.25.

This feature is exclusive to PS4, as when I tried to check for any available update for the PS3 version it did not find anything. So I’m guessing PS3 users will have to wait till Friday as usual.

Source: LittleBigPlanet.com

PlayStation 4 4.50 beta code giveaway

Can’t wait to get your hands on the external HDD feature? Didn’t register for the beta? Now’s your chance to get your hands on it!

Simply log on to our Facebook page and answer the question mentioned in the giveaway post for your chance to win!* Winner will be announced tomorrow 12 PM GMT.

*The codes available are for US accounts only.

Sony launches PlayStation Communities mobile app

PlayStation Communities

Sony Interactive Entertainment has yet again launched another PlayStation mobile app and this time it’s all about the PS4 Communities feature.

The Communities feature, introduced in PS4 version 3.00 has now made its way to Android and iOS as a mobile app. You can use the app to post or reply to posts in a community, discover new ones based on the games you play and get notifications from the communities you are participating in.

One thing you cannot do however, is moderate your own communities. Hopefully Sony updates the app soon with these features.

The app is now available to download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

PS4 Slim to feature 5 GHz Wi-Fi

PS4 Slim

Looks like the PS4 Slim will be supporting 5 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity, according to several posts on Twitter.

Many people did not like it when the original PS4 only featured 802.11n 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. Many of you may know 5 GHz Wi-Fi brings better performance especially for online gaming, so it didn’t really make sense why Sony didn’t do that initially. The Xbox One had it since launch.

Well that’s all about to change, because the PS4 Slim will be featuring 802.11ac 5 GHz Wi-Fi! Here are some pictures we retrieved.

PS4 Wifi screenshot

PS4 Wifi manual

As you can see in the screenshot, the screen is displaying the current frequency band in use, which is pretty much confirming the inclusion of 5 GHz Wi-Fi. It also says so in the PS4 Safety Guide.

Well, if the PS4 Slim includes the 5 GHz connectivity, it would make sense to include it in the higher-end PS4 Neo right?

Hopefully we will hear more about these two new PS4 revisions on September 7th.

PlayStation Meeting set for September 7

PlayStation Meeting

Sony Interactive Entertainment has planned an event set for 7 September at the PlayStation Theater in New York.

Invitations were sent out recently to media outlets about the event, saying it is to discuss details “about the PlayStation business”.

It is very likely that this event has been planned to announce the next iteration of the PS4, codenamed “Neo”. The term “PlayStation Meeting” was used in the past for previous announcements of PlayStation consoles, such as the PS Vita in January 2011 and the PS4 in February 2013.

The event is set to take place at 3 PM Eastern Standard Time. As well as the PS4 Neo, Microsoft is going to unveil the Project Scorpio console later in the year, which is ought to compete with the Neo.

So, who’s excited?

Source: Polygon

PS4 4.00 beta now open for registration


Sony seems to have a pattern when it comes to PS4 software updates. The first half of the year we see a .5 update, while the second half of the year sees a big x.00 update. Looks like Sony is not braking the tradition as of yet and is now seeking beta testers for its upcoming big system software update.

Most likely the version will be 4.00, if you are interested you can click here for US accounts, and here for EU accounts. After signing up, you will receive an email with instructions on downloading the beta software. To participate in the beta, you will need a PS4 with an internet connection and a PSN Master Account. If you encounter any problems while using the beta software, you can roll back to the previous version at any time.

Also, make sure to provide feedback during the beta. You can discuss about the features included on the PlayStation Forums. More details about the features will be published soon.

So, are you interested in helping out?