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PlayStation Plus May 2017 Lineup

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced the PlayStation Plus games for May 2017:

  • Tales from the Borderlands, PS4
  • Abzu, PS4 (EU gets Alienation instead)
  • Blood Knights, PS3
  • Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants, PS3
  • Laser Disco Defenders, PS Vita (Cross Buy with PS4)
  • Type:Rider, PS Vita (Cross Buy on PS4)

Source: PlayStation.Blog US, PlayStation.Blog EU


Sony discontinues the PlayStation (Vita) TV in Japan

PlayStation TV

Sony has announced the discontinuation of the PlayStation (Vita) TV in Japan.

The PS TV was intended to be a home console version of the PS Vita that can be plugged into a TV. However it didn’t do well in terms of sales. Now the official Japanese listing says 出荷完了, which means end of support in Japanese. But they didn’t provide a date yet.

The PS TV remains on sale in other countries, however we are yet to hear from Sony about the product in other regions.

The unit has only sold around 185,000 units since its launch in November 2013, which is clearly not a big number.

What do you think about this guys? Did you care about it at all? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Sony discontinues Facebook support on PS3 and PS Vita systems

PS3 and PS Vita

Sony has discontinued Facebook support by releasing updates for both PS3 and PS Vita. The versions are 4.78 and 3.57 respectively.

This is all what we know according to Sony. But we guess they did this due to changes in the Facebook API, however it’s surprising for it to be discontinued for the Vita, but as we all know Sony isn’t treating the Vita very well.

Have any of you guys used the Facebook feature? Let us know.

PS4 and PS Vita price cut to be announced at E3?

Has Sony Computer Entertainment America confirmed a price cut for both PS4 and PS Vita?

SCEA has a PlayStation Retail Loyalty Site where video game retail employees in North America can learn about PlayStation products. On the site, there is a promotion where members have the opportunity to win a PS4, PS Vita, PS TV (PS Vita TV in Asia) and some various other prizes. But if you look at the ARV prices (Approximate Retail Value) for both the PS4 and PS Vita, it shows a lower price.

PS4/Vita Price Cut

Currently, the PS4 costs $399 and the PS Vita costs $199 in the United States. But as you can see in that picture the PS4 is getting a $50 price cut and the PS Vita is getting a MASSIVE $110 PRICE CUT!!!! Will this be announced at E3?

Some people are worried about the PS Vita price cut being so much because of the fact Sony might discontinue it. We don’t think that will happen too early, as Sony still has some things going on for it. It recently launched in China, so it wouldn’t make sense to discontinue it now. We might see some Vita news at E3, but who knows?

PlayStation Activity: Find out the manufacturer of the wireless chips used in your PlayStation Device

You’ve seen us mentioning this many times on Twitter and Google+. Well the time has now come to reveal our activity!

It is really simple providing you have the equipment needed to complete this activity. You have to find out the manufacturer of the WiFi chips used in your PlayStation Device!

No, you’re not gonna open up the system and void your warranty. But you need to find out how to find the manufacturer, that’s the whole point of this activity. Could it be a tool, an app? We’re not telling right now!

To complete this activity you will need either a PS3, PSP or PS Vita, a tool used for finding out the manufacturer of the WiFi chips. Once you find it out simply select your answer in the appropriate embed.

If you have trouble don’t worry, we will update this post with hints and tips over the next few days. Also keep in mind the correct answer is based on what the Team found when preparing this activity.

So go ahead, get started! Activity ends on 10th August 2014 and answers will be posted at Gamenology Website.

Good Luck!

Gamenology Team 🙂


HINT 1: Take a look at our Twitter and Google+ pages and look carefully for an app we shared. Maybe that app might help???

HINT 2: Make sure your device is connected to the same WiFi network as your PlayStation device!

HINT 3: The app you need is called a WiFi analyser

PS Vita System Software Update Version 3.10

Hey Gamenologers!

So on Tuesday Sony PlayStation officially released version 3.10 to the public. In this post we’re gonna check out what’s new, complete with screenshots!


For certain time zones, you can now adjust DST automatically.


External Keyboard is now supported and you can adjust settings for it.



A 30 minute option has been added to Enter Standby Mode in Power Save Settings.


PlayStation Store

The PS Store background has been changed. Now bear in mind that the background in the LiveArea got changed about one week ago before the update, now the new background is in the PS Store app in 3.10.




When going to the PS Mobile Store, the background does not change anymore.



You can now send Voice Messages to PS4 and PS Vita users, but not to PS3 users. And you can’t attach a photo and record a voice message at the same time.





You can now change the group title in group messages.




A Rotate Screen Automatically option has been added.


Panoramic Camera

You can now aquire location data and a Freeform option has been added allowing you to take up to 39 photos in the order you want.


You can now text search your music on your PC.



You can now sort your videos by size.

Content Manager

Application Data Management in Settings has been removed and has been moved to Content Manager. It is now improved where you can check almost everything on your PS Vita, and delete stuff from there.







A calendar app has been added, allowing you to make events and share them with your friends. The first time you launch the app, you will need to follow the on screen instructions.


Enter a name for the calendar that will be saved on the system.


You can also choose to log in to your Google Calendar, allowing you to see your events saved on your Google Calendar.


When you select Google, it will take you to a web browser to log in.


And that’s all you need to do!


This is what it looks like in Month View.


This is what it looks like when you create a new event.




You can also sort your calendar in a list, Day View, or Week View.





You can also manage your calendars.



And finally, you can adjust settings for the app.


Parental Controls

You can now restrict access to PS Store, and a link to Trend Micro has been added for the web browser.


An age guide has been added.




  • The notifications list now opens more quickly
  • The icon in the gate has been moved up in all the core PS Vita apps.
  • The 100 app limit on the home screen has been increased to 500.


  • A savegame exploit has been patched.


  • In the notification list, sometimes you may see an unknown icon on a notification. To resolve this, you must scroll up and down a couple of times or restart the system.

And that’s it! We know this list is long but if you would like a visual experience, here is a video covering everything in the 3.10 update.

So what do you guys think about this update? Have Sony improved your Vita experience? Leave your comments in the comments section below.

That’s it for now, and tune in next time for more news!