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How to protect yourself from future cyber attacks

We have all heard about the cyber attack that occurred last weekend, affecting huge organisations like the NHS and Telefonica. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses and individuals don’t take the time to review the security systems installed on their computer. Here are some ways to prevent yourself from future cyber attacks.

1. Do not open emails from unknown senders

We might have gotten emails in the past which may look legit but are actually from a suspicious address. These sort of emails often trick you into giving your personal information away, and some may even have malware.

If you end up getting one of those emails, DELETE it immediately, and if possible report it as spam.

2. Make sure you install the latest Windows updates

Microsoft issues patches regularly, and these patches can improve the security and performance of your computer. To ensure you get these updates, make sure you have Windows Update enabled.

It is enabled by default on Windows 10, however in older versions you might want to check if it is set to install updates automatically. You can do so by going to Windows Update in Control Panel, and making sure that “Install updates automatically (recommended)” is the selected option.

3. Use up to date antivirus software

We at Gamenology recommend Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows 7, and Windows Defender for 8.1 and 10. It is a free antivirus program from Microsoft and is updated regularly. You can download it for Windows 7, and Windows 8.1 and 10 already have it installed and enabled by default, but you might want to check your settings just in case.

4. Use a supported Windows version

Seriously, if you’re still clinging on to XP, we strongly advise you to upgrade as soon as possible. Microsoft terminated XP support on April 8 2014, leaving it vulnerable to malware and attacks like the one that happened last weekend. And if you’re using Windows 8.0, update to Windows 8.1 immediately from the Windows Store as Microsoft is no longer offering support for Windows 8.0. Think of Windows 8.1 as a service pack that you have to apply to get future updates.

And hopefully if you have followed these guidelines you should be well protected from the latest cyber attacks that are out there. Remember, make sure you keep them updated, as new attacks may happen from time to time.


iOS 9 to be compatible with iPhone 4S?

iPhone 4S

According to 9to5Mac, iOS 9 will have a completely different approach. iOS 9 will focus less on features and more on optimisation.

For a really long time Apple stopped giving support to devices that are not capable of running the latest and greatest operating system, but could that all change?

For starters there will be cosmetic changes, such as the font being changed to the one found on the Apple Watch, as well as a security system called Rootless. Apple is also trying to make syncing easier by making everything work with iCloud Drive.

Now on to the big news… It has been reported that iPhone 4S and iPad mini 1 users will be able to enjoy the new OS. The reason for that being possible to happen is the restructuring of their software engineering process. Instead of producing the OS with all features then taking them away later, it will be the opposite, produce the core OS and then add features one by one. This way, the whole OS won’t be slow on the old devices, and it is supposedly going to be a better experience than iOS 8.

Could this be true? We just have to wait for this year’s WWDC.

PS Vita System Software Update Version 3.10

Hey Gamenologers!

So on Tuesday Sony PlayStation officially released version 3.10 to the public. In this post we’re gonna check out what’s new, complete with screenshots!


For certain time zones, you can now adjust DST automatically.


External Keyboard is now supported and you can adjust settings for it.



A 30 minute option has been added to Enter Standby Mode in Power Save Settings.


PlayStation Store

The PS Store background has been changed. Now bear in mind that the background in the LiveArea got changed about one week ago before the update, now the new background is in the PS Store app in 3.10.




When going to the PS Mobile Store, the background does not change anymore.



You can now send Voice Messages to PS4 and PS Vita users, but not to PS3 users. And you can’t attach a photo and record a voice message at the same time.





You can now change the group title in group messages.




A Rotate Screen Automatically option has been added.


Panoramic Camera

You can now aquire location data and a Freeform option has been added allowing you to take up to 39 photos in the order you want.


You can now text search your music on your PC.



You can now sort your videos by size.

Content Manager

Application Data Management in Settings has been removed and has been moved to Content Manager. It is now improved where you can check almost everything on your PS Vita, and delete stuff from there.







A calendar app has been added, allowing you to make events and share them with your friends. The first time you launch the app, you will need to follow the on screen instructions.


Enter a name for the calendar that will be saved on the system.


You can also choose to log in to your Google Calendar, allowing you to see your events saved on your Google Calendar.


When you select Google, it will take you to a web browser to log in.


And that’s all you need to do!


This is what it looks like in Month View.


This is what it looks like when you create a new event.




You can also sort your calendar in a list, Day View, or Week View.





You can also manage your calendars.



And finally, you can adjust settings for the app.


Parental Controls

You can now restrict access to PS Store, and a link to Trend Micro has been added for the web browser.


An age guide has been added.




  • The notifications list now opens more quickly
  • The icon in the gate has been moved up in all the core PS Vita apps.
  • The 100 app limit on the home screen has been increased to 500.


  • A savegame exploit has been patched.


  • In the notification list, sometimes you may see an unknown icon on a notification. To resolve this, you must scroll up and down a couple of times or restart the system.

And that’s it! We know this list is long but if you would like a visual experience, here is a video covering everything in the 3.10 update.

So what do you guys think about this update? Have Sony improved your Vita experience? Leave your comments in the comments section below.

That’s it for now, and tune in next time for more news!