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Sony announces formation of mobile game company ForwardWorks Corporation

Sony Computer Entertainment, which will change its name to Sony Interactive Entertainment next Friday, has announced the formation of ForwardWorks, which is a new company aimed to deploy “services” at the smart device market, basically smartphones and tablets.

FowardWorks will leverage the intellectual property of numerous PlayStation dedicated software titles and gaming characters to provide games optimised for smart devices to users in Japan and Asia.

The company will be located in Tokyo, Japan and will be a fully owned subsidiary by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The company will begin operations starting Friday April 1st 2016.

Source: SCE Corporate


Sony will launch PlayStation VR in October for $399

PlayStation VR

Sony has announced at the Game Developers Conference that the PlayStation VR headset will launch in October for $399.

The release date is a bit later than what they were originally planning, but we would say it’s worth the wait.

Over 230 developers from around the world are building content for PlayStation VR from small indie teams to big industry publishers. More than 50 games are expected to be available when it launches in October 2016.

Sony will also be launching a VR version of the Playroom, called The Playroom VR, which will be free to download from the PlayStation Store. The Playroom VR will feature six mini-games.


Source: PlayStation.Blog US, PlayStation.Blog EuropeSCE Corporate

Sony discontinues the PlayStation (Vita) TV in Japan

PlayStation TV

Sony has announced the discontinuation of the PlayStation (Vita) TV in Japan.

The PS TV was intended to be a home console version of the PS Vita that can be plugged into a TV. However it didn’t do well in terms of sales. Now the official Japanese listing says 出荷完了, which means end of support in Japanese. But they didn’t provide a date yet.

The PS TV remains on sale in other countries, however we are yet to hear from Sony about the product in other regions.

The unit has only sold around 185,000 units since its launch in November 2013, which is clearly not a big number.

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Sony announces new Sony Interactive Entertainment division


Sony has announced today that they will be merging both the Sony Computer Entertainment (PlayStation hardware and software) and Sony Network Entertainment (PlayStation Network Services) into one division, called Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC.

What is interesting about this merge is that the new division will be headquartered in the United States, not Japan. However global business operations will be established in Tokyo and London.

The president and global CEO of SIE will be Andrew House. Below is a structure of how the business will run.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Business Structure


Another thing we found is that Shuhei Yoshida will be reporting to Shawn Layden, as seen in a tweet.

The date of incorporation will be 1st April 2016, which is interesting. You know what we mean right? 🙂

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Sources: SCE Corporate, PlayStation Blog US

Sony announces PlayStation 4 1 TB “Ultimate Player Edition”

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced today that a 1 terabyte PlayStation 4 will be hitting the PAL region on 15 July 2015. This model is being marketed as the Ultimate Player Edition targeting gamers who like to download a lot of content.

Offering twice the storage of the existing PS4, you’ll be able to download more of the games you love to your PS4, extend your play with more great add-on content and save and share even more of your best gaming highlights.

PS4 Ultimate Player Edition

However, what SCEE didn’t announce are the design changes of the new PS4 model. According to this Facebook post by PlayStation Asia, the new PS4 model will have 10% less weight and 8% less power consumption, a matte finish design, and the Power and Eject buttons were changed from the touch sensitive buttons to mechanical buttons, something we saw as well with the PS3 slim.

But PlayStation Asia did not announce any pricing or storage capacity for this new model. Could this be the 1 TB model heading to Europe? We don’t know yet. Also another thing no pricing info was announced for this model in EU yet, while SCEA has yet to announce anything about the new model.


Sony calls the PS Vita “legacy”? What does that mean?

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House has referred to the PlayStation Vita as a “legacy platform”. What does that mean?

You might be confused about why Sony called the PS Vita legacy as that means it’s no longer supported. The legacy Sony is talking about is different.

Andrew was explaining the financial state of the PlayStation business, and what he meant was about the components for the first generation PS Vita, which is no longer available in the market. An example of this would be the OLED display.

“What Andy mentioned as ‘legacy platform’ was part of the write-off for PS Vita components for the first generation of the PS Vita, which is no longer available in the market,” a Sony spokesperson said in a statement provided to GamesBeat. “And he did not directly mean the current PS Vita and PS TV models, which are available in the market. Our portable business will be continued, and many users are now enjoying PlayStation 4 remote play features as well as original PS Vita game titles on PS Vita and PS TV.”